12 LAA promises

  1. I have a new sense of freedom because I am letting go of the past.

  2. I am hopeful about my future relationships.

  3. I can be attracted to someone without falling in love overnight, and I can fall in love without obsessing.

  4. If love does overwhelm me, I do not act out in addictive ways.

  5. I can tell the difference between fantasies and reality.

  6. I do not have to control the ones I love nor let them control me.

  7. I experience relationships one at a time and I do not get involved with “unavailable” people.

  8. If my basic needs are not being met, I can end my relationship.

  9. I can leave anyone who is abusing me either verbally or physically.

  10. I do not do for others what they should be doing for themselves.

  11. I love myself as much as I love others.

  12. I look to my Higher Power for strength, guidance, and the willingness to change.